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JrSOAPbox grew up in a musical world. Follow the winding lettered highways of the Ozarks to the furthest southwest corner of Missouri, down a dirt road, through two washed out low water crossings, where, nestled above a pristine spring is a barn that has steadily been converted into a home over 5 decades of improvements. This is where Jr spent his entire childhood. Though Jr's upbringing was isolated, his father was a musician, as were all of his friends. "I thought playing music was the only reason people saw each other."

Jr's family comes from a rich literary background, which can clearly be heard in his songwriting. "I started writing songs to join "the adult" circles. Then I kept writing them because I like to play new ones." JrSOAPbox has since written hundreds of songs, covered by other artist, from France to Oregon to Nashville. His songs have been featured everywhere from film to the Dust Bowl exhibit at Crystal Bridges.

Jr's vast catalog spans the genres leaving him open to tailor fit each show's experience to his crowd. " I've got my rowdy bar room material and my lyrical house concert material... but most shows are somewhere in between."

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stageplot for the full band Guitar, Bass, Drums and one vocal mic 210 KB
solo show stage plot One Acoustasonic amp and one direct vocal line in 183 KB